DISCIPLeship & Parenting

How do I pray?


A good prayer life isn’t about how you pray, it’s about who you’re praying to.

How Do I Pray? is a practical guide that takes the guilt and intimidation out of prayer by replacing how-to recipes and formulas with a focus on who you’re praying to: Jesus.

How Do I Know God's Will?


The secret to knowing God’s will…

…is knowing God.

How Do I Know God’s Will? is a guide to that offers parents creative, real-life suggestions for teaching kids to discern God’s will and remaining open when his answers are different from what we might expect.

How Do I Read the Bible?

Reading the Bible is about discovering God’s heart.

How Do I Read the Bible? reveals a simple truth: When we know why we’re reading and who we’re reading about, the how falls naturally into place.