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Every Friday a new Bible lesson is posted with PursueGOD Kids, online resources for families to pursue God together. Each week will include a fun video, Bible story, memory verse, and conversation questions for the entire family.

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A great resource for families is RightNow Media, which has excellent family Bible studies, Bible cartoons, songs for family worship, videos in Spanish, as well as science and history videos based on the Bible.

Some suggested videos on RNM are Animated Stories of the Bible, What’s in the Bible, Torchlighters, Adventures in Odyssey, Drive-Thru History, Seed Family Worship, and Awesome Science.

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Check out our GraceKids YouTube Playlist that includes 20 weeks of Bible lesson videos for kids.

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Plugged In helps families make  safe entertainment choices for their children. You can access parental reviews for movies, TV, music, games, books, and YouTube channels from a Christian worldview.

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